We strongly recommend to all families with children to participate in the folk evening in Zakopane! This is an excellent alternative to spending time at a restaurant table when the children are getting impatient and bored!

Folk evening is a 3-hour highlander party with the best highlander music band in Zakopane! Many games, competitions, as well as music, dancing, and singing. There are also competitions for children. It is a great way to show highlander traditions to children. Through the whole event, the bonfire is lit, and you can try regional delicacies of the Podhale cuisine.

Each family can choose one of two variants. Folk evening “Goralskie Spasy” in the Chochlowska Valley or “Highlander Family Picnic”, that is the folk evening at Gubalowka Mountain (Butorowy Wierch).

We recommend folk evening “Góralskie Śpasy” mainly because of the beautiful location in the Tatra National Park.

“Highlander Family Picnic” is a folk evening with more competitions and games.