When planning winter holidays in the Tatras mountains, you should consider your accommodation and check the attractions in the area in advance. If you plan to go skiing with your family or you want to learn to ski, Zakopane offers a lot of opportunities.

For years, Zakopane, known as the Winter Capital of Poland. It offers a wide range of attractions to experience in winter. Among them is undeniable skiing.


For families with children who take their first steps to ski or snowboarding will find many places to do so in Zakopane. Small slopes with T-bar lifts are ideal places to learn to ride.
However, it is worth knowing that the first few hours of learning we spend under the watchful eye of the instructor. Thanks to this, learners will not only start driving faster, but they will also acquire the correct habits, which will later result in skiing more safely on the slopes.
Small ski slopes are an ideal place for learning, and you find ski schools and equipment rentals at the famous “Wilka Krokiew” and under the Mountain Nosal.


The winter offer of Zakopane will also include ski-slopes on which both more advanced skiers and learning newbies can ride. We can find those slopes on Harenda and Szymoszkowa Glade.
Harenda Ski Station has a chair lift on one of its downhill routes for more advanced skiers and several T-bar lifts for learners.
Szmoszkowa Glade has two chair lifts. The first of them will take skiers on a shorter and less demanding route. The second chairlift leads to the very top of the slope between Gubalowka Mountain and Butorowy Wierch. This route is not only much longer but also more demanding.
There is also a belt ski lift for small children on Polana Szymoszkowa. There is a particular space for the so-called ski kindergarten with obstacles in the shape of fairy-tale characters that encourage children to ride.