Rest in Zakopane is a great idea. Here you can enjoy the views and explore the monuments, colorful culture, fascinating traditions, and various activities – you can’t be bored here! Above all, we recommend a winter trip. Although many people do not associate this time of the year with something good, we should love and appreciate its strengths. The mountains are more mysterious, the landscapes are unique, and the ski-slopes are endless. There is also one specific attraction that you can’t deny yourself. Traditional winter snow sleigh ride in Zakopane – enter this in the search engine, and you will immediately see how popular it is.

Wonderful Fun

Riding a sleigh through beautiful snow-covered areas is fun for children and adults. During this journey, we look at mountain landscapes from a slightly different perspective and enjoy the climate. Also, we cut ourselves off from all concerns, focusing only on the moment, on the ride, and the incredible environment. Sleigh Rides Zakopane reviews – take an interest in this section on the web, and you will quickly understand that the attraction is simply a revelation. Ratings of people who took action will encourage you to decide to take a sleigh ride during your next winter visit to the city under a Giewont Mountain.


However – Zakopane night sleigh ride is an option that you will not simply go by. Look at the evening sky, stars, magical scenery, burning torches! At the end of the ride, a bonfire in the rhythms of a highlander band and fun that we will remember for a long time – does it sound encouraging? has all the details of this type of attraction. The company organizes sleigh rides for groups and has substantial experience in this field.


There are many spectacular spots in the Tatras. The famous one is, of course, the Chocholowska Valley. Vast, silent, and fabulous landscapes – a visit to this place is a necessity if you are in Zakopane. The valley surprises at any time of the year. In the winter edition, it is simply indescribable. A sleigh ride is a perfect plan for relaxation and a way to get to know the beauties of this largest valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains.