Welcome to the thermal pools at Antalowka street in Zakopane. It is the first thermal pool in the region that came to be. The property has many water attractions for both adults and children.

If you take your child to swimming pools, it is worth checking whether there are attractions for children available and how old a child needs to be.

Paddling pool for toddlers

Right at the entrance to the pools, parents who decided to enjoy water attractions with their children will go to the paddling pool. The water in this place is warm and shallow so that even the smallest children can play safely.
You will find small fountains and a slide, where children can safely enjoy water games.


The slides are made for slightly older children. The shortest slide is made for parents sliding down with children on their laps.
The next yellow, red, and green slides are attractions for larger children. Toddlers can feel discomfort sliding down in a closed tube slide.

Wild river

A place that attracts not only children of different ages but also adults is the wild river. The fast current makes it that people floating on the water do not have to move their arms or legs to swim.
For children who cannot swim, we recommend using foam sticks that help float on water.

Outdoor pool

We encourage you to take advantage of is the outdoor pool. This place is particularly attractive in winter. The possibility of lying in warm water with a beautiful view of Giewont while the snow is around and the temperature reaches a dozen degrees below Celsius is something unique.