Zakopane for children


Being in the mountains with children is essential to try your hand at various types of activities. One of them is ice skating, which, in addition to a hefty dose of fun, has a positive effect on health, improves joint flexibility, and strengthens muscles. Ice rinks in Zakopane have their unique atmosphere, especially those with views of the Tatra Mountains. In our opinion, the mix – sport, fun and beautiful views – is perfect. If you think the same, consider a visit to the ice rink while in Zakopane.

An artificially frozen surface, thanks to which you can enjoy ice skating even when it is not cold enough. Equipment rentals, four-skid skates, helmets and protectors, ice walkers in the shape of a penguin, teddy bear or panda, music – the ice rinks have it all. After all, tourists, especially younger ones, have particular requirements. Ice rinks are open from early morning until late evening.

Zakopane – attractions for children, there is a lot of different possibilities. It is worth organizing your stay in this city to have time for the ice rink or other activities. After all, time spent with children is priceless.