Paintball for Children

Paintball Zakopane – Paintball for Children in Zakopane

Are you planning a birthday party for your child? Or maybe a family adventure? We have a ready idea for you, i.e., Paintball for children in Zakopane!

We will meet at our natural paintball fields in the wild forest. It is a beautiful place where each paintball game takes on a new dimension. Here is only nature and obstacles designed in mountainous style.

The entire game will be carried on by a professional instructor who will take care of your child’s safety and fun, adapting the game scenarios to children’s age.

Each Participant receives a professional marker gun and paintballs that disintegrate faster, which makes the blows not painful.
A mask and uniform for each Participant for FREE!

It is also possible to brighten your paintball event with a bonfire in the forest with sausages or a quad ride with an instructor.

or send us a message, and we will prepare a special offer for you