Zakopane for children


Younger and older children can get very excited when they hear about outdoor games. Because they like to move and it is great for their development. A playground with kids is a good plan if you are in Zakopane. There is always plenty of children here, and your kids can take advantage of the prepared attractions.

On the playground, you will find slides, ladders, climbing installations, obstacles, swings, and sandboxes. Youngest kids can play on rocking horses. Playgrounds in Zakopane made for children’s comfort. They are colorful and vast, and a soft surface of thick sand makes them safer. Children can spend long hours there and do not feel tired at all. On the contrary, you get the impression that every minute they gain more energy, willingness to play, and compete with other kids to test their strength in various activities.

Some of the playgrounds surrounded by greenery and located in quiet space, so they provide even more fun, and parents waiting for their children can experience relaxation in the charming circumstances of nature.


City Park in Zakopane
34-500 Zakopane, Plac Niepodległośc

A second municipal playground is located on
Lower Rownia Krupowa, next to the Helios Hotel.

15, 30 or 60 min – Which one you prefer

Commercial indoor playgrounds