Zakopane dla Dzieci

Kuligi, Sanie w Zakopanem

It would be a great mistake to come to Zakopane in the winter and not go for a sleigh ride, especially with children, for whom it will be fantastic fun.

Away from the city’s hustle, wrapped in a warm blanket, we ride a sleigh through the fantastic, snow-covered mountain areas – just imagine it. You immediately dream of winter, although we usually complain about it. The sleigh ride gives a lot of joy on a frosty, sunny day, as well as in the evening, under the sky, glittering with stars. In this particular setting, you can observe mountain areas in a different, slightly more mysterious way. The companies that organize such attractions take their clients from their accommodation, which is very convenient. After a sleigh ride, we go to a bonfire to roast sausages together. There will be highlander music and dances and torchlight.

Sleigh rides for children in Zakopane are an opportunity to spend time outdoors. Above all, that’s why we go to the mountains to enjoy the atmosphere of this region and observe the extraordinary landscapes. Sleigh rides have a long, centuries-old history. In the past, local culture was celebrated thanks to sleigh rides. Therefore, an excellent idea is to experience this entertainment, which can be safely called traditional.

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