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Snow Shoes Zakopane

Winter holidays with the whole family in Zakopane is a time full of fun and active recreation in the fresh air! Nothing is more fun than playing together in the snow on a sunny winter day.

Snow shoes Zakopane discovered relatively recently. Until now, skis, sleds and slides were the most popular… Perhaps because classic snowshoes require some skill. Fortunately, now there are … EVVOs! EVVO snow boots are a real revolution in winter sports and a ready way for a successful day in the mountains full of fun!

EVVO snowshoes are very easy to use – just put them on your winter boots and it’s ready! Their sole was designed in cooperation with Michelin – they are comfortable, grippy and perform well even in the most demanding mountain terrain.

With the EVVO snowshoes, you can walk in deep snow, jump, run, and move over rocks and ice.

With these snowshoes you will be able to reach the wildest corners of Podhale, which in winter are available to the few – for people on snowmobiles or … with EVVO snowshoes.

The snowshoe rental in Zakopane is located in the very center – here you will get equipment for the whole family, also small sizes of snowshoes for children, sticks and ready ideas for trips with a map.

If, on the other hand, you prefer organized activities, we invite you to guided snowshoeing tours. During each trip there is also a break for a warm snack by an atmospheric fire.

Beautiful views of the Tatras, peace, tranquility and the taste of true freedom in the mountains – these are snowshoe tours.