Adventure with a Trailer


  • One can take the trailer to few Tatra Valleys: the road to Morskie Oko (Dolina Rybiego Potoku) is all asphalted; Chocholowska Valley – asphalt road for the first 4km, next 4 km dirt road; but very firm. Koscieliska Valley – there is no asphalt here, but you can drive a trailer with large wheels. Horse-drawn carriages often ride through Chocholowska and Koscieliska Valley, so the surface is quite well paved.
  • For walks with small children, we recommend “Dolina pod Reglami”.

Hikes with older children


  • It is an excellent plan to take school-age children on mountain hikes. It’s best to start with our beautiful Valleys such as Olczyska, Strazyska, Ku Dziurze, Za Bramka, Mala Laka, Lejowa, then go to Koscieliska Valley, Chocholowska, and Morskie Oko Lake.The next step is the Droga Pod Reglami. From there you can go on a lovely trip to Sarnia Skala mountain. Then, still remembering the principle of gradation of difficulty, we can go with children on longer and longer trips.
  • Mountain Tourist Badge – is an excellent motivation for children on mountain trips. In most of the kiosks and bookstores in Zakopane, you can buy books where the children collect stamps (available at TPN ticket offices, where tickets to the park and all shelters sold). In the GOT book, we enter excursion routes, which correspond to different point values. After collecting a certain number of points, we submit them for verification, and for a symbolic fee, our children receive GOT badges