Fun for children regardless of the time of day


Wandering, admiring the views, sightseeing, learning about the traditions and tastes of the region – in Zakopane, it is hard to get bored. Regardless of whether we go there alone or with children, organizing time should not be a problem.

Have you ever wondered if there are evening attractions for children in Zakopane in the evening? This is an important question, especially when we go there in autumn and winter. The day is getting shorter then, and we don’t want to waste time and spend holidays in the hotel room. We found a solution for this topic, and we can safely say that Zakopane will not disappoint the youngest tourists.

Time for children to get active in Zakopane
Dzieciom nie brakuje sił i energii. Chętnie interesują się wszystkim co związane z ruchem. Children do not lack strength and energy. They are interested in everything related to movement. That is why they will undoubtedly enjoy a visit to the aquapark or thermal baths, where countless attractions await them. Swimming pools, slides, interactive, colorful toys – smile on children’s faces guaranteed, and besides, swimming is so good for youngsters. An excellent idea is also an evening walk on Krupowki street. The famous promenade is wonderfully lit by lanterns, stalls are open, there is always noise and usually interesting atmosphere. Everyone who has ever been to Zakopane knows that Krupówki has its own atmosphere after dark. It is definitely worth presenting it to children.


Until late evening, children’s playrooms operate in Zakopane. These places employ creative animators who ensure children’s safety and offer exciting ideas to spend time together. Pools with balls, obstacle courses, big building blocks, climbing walls, and slides – you don’t have to convince your child to visit such a place. On the contrary, it’s hard to persuade them to finish the game. The evening is the perfect time to take your child to the cinema for a fairy tale or movie after a day of activity. However, we advise you to think carefully about this plan. Make sure that you will not have to leave the cinema because our young companion will decide that the movie is boring.

A bit of culture
Another exciting idea is going to the museum. Of course, we mean these types that have something for the youngest, associated, e.g., with toys or favorite characters from fairy tales. Perhaps in the future, it will turn out that our child has been inspired by such a place. Who knows, maybe we will awaken the passion for art or history or perhaps exploring the world.

Workshops for children
There is no shortage of places in Zakopane where various types of workshops are organized; music, theater, art, and cooking – whatever children want. Parents can invest in the development of their kid’s skills, and children can spend time with benefits among their peers. These workshops have many advantages. They allow you to discover passion, develop imagination, and creativity. They are also the inspiration for action.

It turns out that Zakopane at any time of the day – also in the evening – offers something interesting for children.