Relaxation in Zakopane is always successful. You do not need to convince anyone that the city knows how to take care of its guests and offers them a lot of attractions. It is nice sometimes to laze around, though if you come to the Podhale region, it will be much better to focus on outdoor activities. We recommend you to consider trips on two wheels. It is an incredibly fun and exciting idea for a family holiday. This choice will appeal to adults and their children. Bikes in Zakopane – it is a topic that mustn’t be overlooked.


Imagine a lovely, warm day, Tatra nature, mountain shrines, peace, and tranquility – can you see it already? Think about how nice it is to spend time in such circumstances with your little kids. Greenery has a positive effect on us. The pleasant environment makes us forget about all problems and enjoy our company, focusing on what is here and now. We present children with the charms of nature, encourage them to explore the mountains and feel how it is to be active. Currently, our children’s most exciting entertainment is often a computer or TV. We should show them that there are more exciting things and that it is worth spending time doing sports, especially in extraordinary nature. A family vacation is a perfect opportunity.


Riding on two wheels in mountain areas is a challenge, but you should not be discouraged right away. The choice of routes is quite extensive. There are not only those for experienced cyclists who intend to overcome difficult, demanding tracks. There are also many excellent routes for families with children. Look through the offers – Zakopane bicycle rental. In addition to good vehicles and the necessary accessories, these companies also offer a choice of routes. The website has a superb option – trip route, great for children from 6 years, which starts at the top of Gubalowka. If you pick that one, it will give you a lot of joy and a great experience.

Rides on two wheels appeal for young and old. You only need to ride a route with a fantastic view once to find out that this activity is an excellent idea for rest. Whenever the weather is good, it is worth getting on a bike to enjoy the Podhale region’s atmosphere. Please get to know its monuments and places that are less known but equally interesting.