Interesting facts about Zakopane and Podhale region

Did you know that … in the Bernardine church, at Karlowicza Street in Zakopane (near Mountain Nosal), you can see a beautiful Christmas crib during the Christmas and New Year period. The crib has so many houses, churches, statuettes of people, and animals that it is difficult to count them all.

Did you know that … since last year in our country, there has been a law which says that: a person practicing downhill skiing or snowboarding in an organized ski area, up to the age of 16, is obliged to use a protective helmet while riding.

Did you know that … on the top of Kasprowy Wierch, you can take a cable car. An interesting fact is that the cable was built in 227 days (!) And put it into use on March 15, 1936. During the holidays, very long queues set up at the cash register in Kuźnice. We advise you to plan a trip for the evening (between 5pm and 8pm).

Did you know that … at the TPN Education Center at Chalubinskiego 42 street from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 16.00, the exhibition called “Tatra Year” is prepared for children. You will see chamois, marmots, bears, lynxes, and many other animals living in the Tatras. Admission to the exhibition is free.

Did you know that … formerly the highlanders called salamanders lizards. A lot of salamanders lived around Jaszczurowka (hence the name of this district). It was there, at the mouth of the Olczyska Valley, that the Tatra National Park created the Center for Active Protection of Amphibians and Reptiles. There you can watch salamanders, newts, frogs, and lizards every day in summer.

Did you know that … horses that are carrying wagons with tourists to Morskie Oko Lake do a very hard job. A pair of horses must pull a cart with more than 8 km uphill (from Palenica Bialczanska to Wlosienia) for 14 people. Such a wagon sometimes weighs over a ton! Try to get out to Morskie Oko on your own feet, and if you get exhausted, you will get back comfortably with a horse-drawn cart.

Did you know that … the Tatra Sheepdog is one of five Polish dog breeds, belongs to the group of shepherd dogs. Tatra Sheepdogs are used to protect sheep flocks against predators, especially wolves. They are also great as guard and companion dogs. They also work well in rescue, dog therapy, and as guides for the blind. They are very obedient and caring. And very nice :). (source:

Did you know that … in the Tatra Mountains (on the Polish and Slovak side) 967 chamois live. This is the result of this year’s goat counting, which took place in July. The chamois is a symbol of the Tatra National Park. Chamois live in flocks of 5 to 15 individuals. The flock is headed by the strongest female. Females and males have horns throughout their lives, called hooks, which can be used to determine the age of an animal. Chamois are under protection.

Did you know that … there are only 4 species of reptiles in the Tatras? Only one of them is venomous, but remember that it avoids conflict with man, runs away from us, and certainly does not lurk in the grass to attack suddenly. That’s why you should never hurt her! All Tatra reptiles are under protection. (source